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Watch Dalai Lama

Watch Dalai Lama

Up Next in Klown: The Series - Season 1

  • The Godfather of Drugs

    Frank’s doctor offers Frank a line of coke. Mia, Iben and Bodil go away for the weekend, and Casper invites Michael Carøe and Steen Jørgensen from Sort Sol and a few others to a boys' night. Heavily under the influence of alcohol, the party decide that Steen Jørgensen is going to get a couple of ...

  • Don’t Lift the Dog

    Frank bumps into his ex-girlfriend in a dumpster looking for a gold watch. Casper is shocked that Frank ever dated someone who could fall so low. She invites Frank and Mia for dinner. They arrive with half a pork roast as a present, and it all turns into rather an embarrassing affair.

  • Father's Last Wish

    Frank has his phimosis checked. He insists on being present at Mia's next gynaecological check-up. And he spoils Ole Bornedal's enthusiasm for one of his and Casper's film scripts. Frank's father comes to visit and presses Frank to help him with a strange job.