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Watch Home to Dad

Up Next in KLOWN: The Series - Season 4

  • Midsummer Eve

    Frank is celebrating Midsummer Eve with his parents-in-law, who for a long time have suspected that Frank is the cause of Mia's childlessness. It starts out fine, but before long Frank is responsible for a family tragedy involving his mother-in-law's wedding dress, second-degree burns, fart bacte...

  • Bornholm

    Casper, Frank, Mia and Iben are on the island of Bornholm. They want to buy a house, but they have to gain the approval of the owner first. They all try to make a good impression. Frank thinks that the girls should flirt with the owner. Frank would even show his balls if that's what it took. But ...

  • Ditmark the Monkey

    Frank and Casper have decided to sponsor Ditmark the monkey in the zoo. Wit ha bit of pressure Casper is given more privileges than most sponsors would normally have. And on a night on the town they get carried away and end up in the zoo with two girls. This gets Frank and Casper into trouble wit...