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Watch Jarl's Death

Watch Jarl's Death

Up Next in KLOWN: The Series - Season 4

  • Pivert's Bachelor Night

    Pivert and Bodil are getting married. Frank and Casper are invited. Casper thinks he's done enough charity work this year and declines. But a young girl enters the picture, and Frank and Casper are suddenly involved in a bachelor night where Pivert, adorned with breasts, is selling kisses in the ...

  • Hello Sweden

    Frank and Casper have invited Lars Hjortshøj to join their firm. They're going to get together on a trip to Sweden. Sweden offers lovely girls, fish in the lake and camp fires at night. But Lars gets into trouble with a Swedish girl, and before long the three of them are on the run in the Swedish...

  • Tango for Three

    Frank and Casper attend celebrity karate with Jimmy Jørgensen, Alexander Kølpin and Jan Gintberg. Peter Gantzler trains the team and demands strict discipline. That's definitely not Frank's cup of tea. At the same time problems arise with one of Michael Laudrup's feet, and the story ends in South...