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Watch Mamma Mia

Up Next in KLOWN: The Series - Season 5

  • More Cheese, Christian Braad Thomsen?

    Casper and Frank think that the government does nothing to help the elderly and artists. They start a think tank with some of the old regulars like Leif Sylvester, Susanne Brøgger and Ib Michael. They want to change the development. Frank and Mia want to develop their sex life. But in spite of be...

  • White House Potential

    Mia takes private lessons in Mensendieck with 60-year-old Jønne, and she promises to feed his fish while he's away. Casper thinks he has White House potential because 95% of everything he says is right. Frank is more sceptical, and before long two girls from the Eastern Bloc, Jønne's Jacuzzi, a f...

  • Thank You for the Swan Eggs

    Casper and Frank are working on a manuscript that Bille August is interested in. They want to go to Malaga to write, just like in the old days. Mia is taking life-drawing lessons, but she doesn't think that Frank supports her creative work. He is more preoccupied by the man who was her model. We ...