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Watch The Japanese Garden

Watch The Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden

KLOWN: The Series - Season 5

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  • The Wizard of Frederiksberg

    Casper has been admitted to the Serapia Order and has invited Peter Reichardt along. But to Frank's great disappointment there's no room for him. However, because Frank has written a Lord of the Rings analogy on the politicians in the parliament for a newspaper, he's invited to join the role play...

  • Listen, Frank

    Frank and Mia are going to China. Frank is worried about Muffi because he's going to be looked after with Morten Olsen's dog. But perhaps Muffi can be useful to Mia's friend who has just experienced a nasty break-in. At the same time Frank and Casper have taken up fencing, and people are talking ...

  • Congratulations, Frank

    Frank is turning 40 and this is going to be celebrated in style at Hotel Josty. Casper has been his best friend for 11 years and is going to be the toastmaster. But when he offers his sperm so that Mia and Frank can have a child, the mood changes. At the same time Frank ruins the possibility of M...