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Up Next in KLOWN: The Series - Season 6

  • Shut Up

    Mia is appointed Fair Trade dealer. This involves an attractive, Ethiopian woman who has Frank’s full attention, and before long he’s caught up in a whirlwind of charity and lust. Casper struggles on with his serious depression and thinks that Lars Hjortshøj owes his success to Casper. Opinions a...

  • Rush Shoes and the Egg

    Mia wants a new chair, but Frank doesn’t see any reason in investing in expensive furniture. He thinks the money would be better spent sharing a lawnmower with their neighbour. But the contents of Frank’s nesting box gets in the way of neighbourliness, and Frank embarks on his own sweet revenge, ...

  • Mrs. Once-in-a-while

    Mia and Frank have moved in with Mia’s parents. They try to find ways to still enjoy their private life. Casper’s depression is now so serious that he’s been hospitalised, and Frank faces a dilemma: should he give priority to sex or his sick friend? Frank and Mia’s ongoing efforts to find time al...