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Watch Carøe's Christening

Watch Carøe's Christening

Carøe's Christening

KLOWN: The Series

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  • The Irma Girl

    Frank thinks he gets too little sex, and Stig Rossen's female friend would like to help. Casper is envious and Frank ends up in a super-market where Frank, with Iben's sanitary towels in his arms, looks a bit too closely at the young shop assistant's arse. When Mia finally wants to have sex, Fran...

  • The Summer House

    Casper, Frank, Iben and Mia are going to a summer house. Due to quarrels, the girls want to drive there alone. Frank and Casper drive together and pick up a couple of young hitchhiking girls along the way. This leads to wine on the beach, and Frank fails to make Mia pregnant on this occasion.

  • The Rosé Curse

    Casper has left Iben and moved to a hotel. And Mia is finally pregnant. Frank makes decisions that question whether he likes women or men, and a bag of pork rinds causes him to fall out with an accountant, a Muslim and a tax man. And are there explanations enough to defend Frank running around in...