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Watch Ditmark the Monkey

Ditmark the Monkey

KLOWN: The Series

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  • Jarl's Death

    Frank and Casper are out bowling with Jarl Friis Mikkelsen. Things happen and the three of them meet later at a sad event where Michael Meyerheim gives a speech. At the same time, a person who is close to Frank is quite unexpectedly caught shoplifting. An episode which results in Frank having an ...

  • Pivert's Bachelor Night

    Pivert and Bodil are getting married. Frank and Casper are invited. Casper thinks he's done enough charity work this year and declines. But a young girl enters the picture, and Frank and Casper are suddenly involved in a bachelor night where Pivert, adorned with breasts, is selling kisses in the ...

  • Hello Sweden

    Frank and Casper have invited Lars Hjortshøj to join their firm. They're going to get together on a trip to Sweden. Sweden offers lovely girls, fish in the lake and camp fires at night. But Lars gets into trouble with a Swedish girl, and before long the three of them are on the run in the Swedish...