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  • Aarstiderne

    Mia and Frank return from holiday to find that Aarstiderne has delivered boxes of fruit to their door, and the fruit is now rotten. Frank battles with the complaints, the stench, anger, and a dyslexic delivery boy with a history of violence. Frank is a bit sluggish after the holiday, so he and Ca...

  • Bye Mum!

    Frank is busy before going to a boys' lunch at Casper's with Jan Gintberg, Lasse Rimmer, Lars Hjortshøj and Mikael Wulff, as he has to move his mother's urn to another place at the cemetery, due to damp. And he has promised Casper to bring both chicken salad and a stripper for lunch. Frank insult...

  • Casa Tua

    Mia wants Frank to have his sperm checked and this causes strange complications involving a children's DVD, a porn film and a furious Iben. Casper doesn't believe that Frank would put a pregnancy test with Mia's pee on his kitchen table, so who’s the culprit?