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Surprise Mia

KLOWN: The Series

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  • Yummy

    Frank and Mia’s life has stagnated, and Casper has buried himself under the cover of depression. Frank buys a video camera, but Casper doesn’t understand what he wants to film when nothing exciting happens in their lives anymore. But then a snow-white drama takes place in Mia’s tea shop. Allegati...

  • Shut Up

    Mia is appointed Fair Trade dealer. This involves an attractive, Ethiopian woman who has Frank’s full attention, and before long he’s caught up in a whirlwind of charity and lust. Casper struggles on with his serious depression and thinks that Lars Hjortshøj owes his success to Casper. Opinions a...

  • Rush Shoes and the Egg

    Mia wants a new chair, but Frank doesn’t see any reason in investing in expensive furniture. He thinks the money would be better spent sharing a lawnmower with their neighbour. But the contents of Frank’s nesting box gets in the way of neighbourliness, and Frank embarks on his own sweet revenge, ...