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Watch It's a Jungle Down There

Watch It's a Jungle Down There

It's a Jungle Down There

KLOWN: The Series • 25m

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    Frank and Mia are buying a new sports car. Does Tim Christensen have anything to do with it? Lars Hjortshøj, who's just been appointed H.C. Andersen ambassador, gets into trouble with his au pair. Frank buys panties, Iben is muzzled and everything ends up quite differently to what than anyone had...

  • Carøe's Christening

    Unfortunately, Frank's penis plays a central role at Carøe's christening. Iben carries the child, Mia is terrified and Carøe's wife, Susan, won't have anything to do with Frank's christening cake. But in any case, Frank thinks that the name Niko will give the child problems later, and Mia's song ...

  • The Irma Girl

    Frank thinks he gets too little sex, and Stig Rossen's female friend would like to help. Casper is envious and Frank ends up in a super-market where Frank, with Iben's sanitary towels in his arms, looks a bit too closely at the young shop assistant's arse. When Mia finally wants to have sex, Fran...